Social dancing

Dance Instruction

Group classes are an excellent way to get started dancing, are economical and a great way to meet other dancers.  You normally do not need a partner for a group class, though it is nice.  Some classes are set up so that partners switch throughout the class.  This is actually beneficial so that you will have a variety of people and skill levels to dance with.  It’s very common to focus on one dance per month.

Hot tip:  Invite others from your dance class to go out social dancing together, so you’ll have other dancers you know there who are familiar with your recently learned steps.  Adding on dinner or coffee before or after dancing adds to the experience.

Private lessons normally allow faster progression, since you get individual attention.  You can request focus on certain dances or in any area you feel you need more help.

The cost is much greater to take private lessons (about $80-100/hr private vs. $10-20/hour group).  Payment for classes and private lessons are per lesson, per month or for a punch card good for several classes.  Franchised dance studios like Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray normally sell legally binding contracts for blocks of lessons and dance parties, so be sure that’s what you want to do, as this can be a costly option.  The majority of dance studios allow you to pay as you without any contracts.

A large number of dance professionals offer group classes and private lessons in our area and we would be happy to match you up with an option that is close to either home or work that specializes in your areas of interest.

Instructor matchup

Places to Dance

Local dance studio parties feature a wide variety of great recorded dance music.  Ask at a dance studio near you if they host parties.

Ron Bolin’s calendar lists a host of local dance parties and other dance events.