National Ballroom Dance Week

Held in mid September 2015

  • Two weeks of free events specifically for beginners – dance lessons, open houses, demonstrations and parties
  • Ballroom dancing…the perfect indoor recreation that’s social, fun, healthy and artistic!

This annual celebration of ballroom dancing is held throughout the USA and is organized by local chapters of USA Dance (a national 501c nonprofit organization). Here in Seattle, our chapter organizes and promotes the activities, in coordination with local amateur and professional dancers. The sole aim of this celebration is to bring ballroom dancing to more people and promote its benefits. It’s part of a healthy, fun lifestyle that will bring you a wealth of friends and experiences. At a time when you can do so many things online or remotely, it’s increasingly important to have opportunities to connect with people…face-to-face, hand-to-hand. Discover how much fun you can have moving to music with a partner!  We’ve expanded our events to two full weeks to give you more opportunities. Studios wishing to add events to the schedule, please contact Laurel Preston.