Ladies DanceSport Hairstyling

Hairstyles are an important part of your grooming and deserve a lot of thought.  Don’t try something just because you’ve seen someone else wearing it…it needs to work for you.  Sometimes even champions make grooming mistakes.  Here are some guidelines to help avoid the pitfalls.

Choosing ladies’ hairstyles

  • Strive for a classy, sleek and well groomed look.
  • Hairstyles should be flattering and complement your style of dance, costume, age, body and personality.
  • Groom yourself to present a positive image of ballroom dancing, avoiding the bizarre excesses of style. “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”…Coco Chanel-icon of the design world.
  • Every hair should be in place and should not move around, especially for standard/smooth.
  • Ponytails for Latin are not recommended, as they fly in your partner’s face and look untidy.  Elastic bands tethering ends of ponytails to your costume are especially unattractive.
  • Hairstyles should enhance the lines you want to create with your body.  The placement and shape of your hair bun can continue the line of your back and make you look taller and thinner, though its size must always be in proportion to your body. Buns are appropriate for either Latin or Standard and especially useful if you are a 10-dancer.
  • Minimize (or eliminate) sparkle in the hair…a little goes a long way. Either gel or Elmer’s school glue can be used to glue rhinestones in place, if you must use them.  Or save your hair from glue by using jeweled barrette/lace pieces pinned in place.
  • If you dance in bronze, silver or gold syllabus events; familiarize yourself with regulations which may not allow light-reflective objects such as rhinestones in the hair.
  • Fake hairpieces increase styling options and usually decrease your prep time.  Buns, braids and curly tendrils are most common.
  • Shiny hair will help create a sleek look (use gel or special hairsprays).
  • Hair color should be flattering, even in daylight, and look great next to your partner, if possible. Take into consideration that gel and hairspray usually darken your perceived haircolor and some products are worse than others.
  • After choosing a hairstyle, test it in simulated comp conditions well before a comp to make sure it looks good and stays in place.  Movement and perspiration can destroy hairstyles.
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