Composed of dancers, for dancers, USA Dance – Seattle strives to make sure dance opportunities are as diverse, high quality and affordable as possible today and tomorrow. By becoming a member, you are supporting an activity that is important to you and bringing yourself into the fold of a fun, friendly and supportive group of fellow dancers.  Experience all the benefits of membership!


Amateur Recreational Categories

  • Social Dancer: An amateur dancer who does not compete but who enjoys dancing and appreciates the physical, mental, and social benefits of engaging in a regular program of dancing. $30/year.
  • Ballroom Dancer: A keen dancer and supporter of Dancesport who does not compete but strives to dance at proficiency levels similar to those who do compete. This category may include retired competitors. $35/year.

Amateur Competitive Categories

  • Adult: Competitors age 19 and above. $70/year.
  • Student: Competitors below age 35 who are enrolled in school full time. $25/year.
  • Minor: Amateur competitors below the age of 19. $20/year.

Professional Categories

  • Manager: An individual (other than a Dancesport professional) who is engaged in the support of Dancesport activities or amateur athletes. $70/year
  • Trainer: An individual (other than a Dancesport professional) who is engaged in the physical or mental training of amateur Dancesport athletes. $70/year
  • Official: An individual (other than a Dancesport professional) who is eligible to officiate at amateur Dancesport competitions (e.g. judge, scrutineer, MC, music director). $70/year
  • Associate Member: Any individual who is not eligible or desirous of membership in any other category but who wishes to support the aims and objectives of USA Dance. $50/year

Professional categories are for those dance professionals wishing to support the work of USA Dance through affiliation.


  • Online at national membership website. Your local chapter is #1004. Membership cards can be printed at any time from your account on the national website